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Rules and peculiarities of ordering tickets via Internet
List of trains for whish is electronic registration is available
Offices issuing tickets paid via the Internet
Peculiarities of returning tickets with electronic registration
Site operating rules and available payment systems


A passenger who has used the electronic registration service for an international-service train plying between the Republic of Belarus and the Lithuanian Republic when boarding the train must present to the conductor an identification document, which has been specified in the electronic ticket, and when traveling from Vilnius the passenger must present the electronic ticket in form of a print-out paper document.

Return of an unused electronic ticket with electronic registration can be accomplished not later than 1 (one) hour before the train's departure from the initial station of its itinerary at a ticket office of the Belarusian Railway on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Dear passengers!

At our site you can:

- pay the ticket for using which you must purchase a formal paper ticket at a ticket office of the Belarusian Railway;

- use a supplementary service of electronic registration in accordance with p.5 of the Rules of making orders, that allows you to avoid purchasing the formal paper ticket at a ticket office of the Belarusian Railway;

- get information about the train schedules, costs of tickets, availability of vacant seats on trains plying within the territory of the Republic of Belarus, CIS countries and Baltic states.

At our site you cannot:

- reserve seats without simultaneous payment of the cost of travel with the help for a bank card;

- purchase non-monetary tickets except those free tickets with no seat destined for children under 5 years of age accompanied by adults;

- purchase reduced-fare tickets;

- rearrange your order for tickets;